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Kara shares her story with Fox News

Kara was a guest of Gretchen Carlson on the Real Story last week.

During the interview on Nov. 7,Carlson and Sundlun  discussed her book “Finding Dad: From “Love Child” To Daughter.”

“This book is so amazing and compelling,” Carlson said about the book.

Kara opened up about her “life story” during the four-minute interview.

“I’m so happy I took that leap of faith,” Sundlun said,

Sundlun also discussed how she “yearned for stability.”

“It was a huge stabilizing affect to have his presence and his acceptance,” Sundlun said.

To view the whole interview, click here.

Kara appears on Enlightening Radio

Kara was a guest of Christine Andrew on Enlightening Radio this week.

During the interview, Andrew and Sundulun discussed the WFSB anchor’s new book. Finding Dad From “Love Child” to Daughter.

Andrew called the book a “story of the heart.”

“It’s the story of a determined young girl, who in the process of finding dad, Rhode Island governor Bruce Sundlun, really found herself. It’s an empowering, moving story that we can all use to harness our own courage and inspire us to follow our own path home to whom we really are within,” Andrew said on her website.

Enlightening Radio also tweeted at Kara “your story is good food for the soul! Such an interview!”

To hear the full interview, click here.